Learn with us….create, innovate and have fun with our STEAM projects. Model Technologies that are relevant to 21st century needs using Engineering.

Prospective Electrical Engineers @ EXPLORE STEM CAMP 2019

How can you really increase your knowledge of Math and Science? How can you incorporate Art & Design to grasp content?

Join us to learn how by coordinating these subjects in a project-based and inquiry-based approach that supports your school curriculum, they will be demonstrably easier to grasp.

We have developed a unique STEAM curriculum, incorporating well researched and rehearsed lesson plans that provide a clear understanding of integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design and Mathematics in the real world.

Our University-Educated  STEAM experts will teach you how to apply STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Art & Design and Math) principles to create innovative and fun projects.

We set clear objectives, assessments and scalable learning experiences to ensure your success at grasping even the most difficult content. Our efforts are notable and trackable,  we are reputable for building loyalty and a continuum, of avid innovators and creatives.

 STEM ACES Education  goal is to increase student engagement and their level of literacy in our global community.

We model 21st century Technology (products and systems that meet human needs; electricity, medicine, food and water, communication, transportation and construction) with students as young as 6 years old following our ACESapproach;

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STEM based flagship programs.

  • STEAM Field expertise · Consensus-Classroom Instruction · Curriculum Development · Course Design · Practical Based Student Engagement·  Consensus-Building · Planning & Organization · High-Impact Seminar Presentation.

The results for our learners are:

  1. Higher level thinking; a deepened conceptual understanding of traditional disciplines.
  2. Ability to connect classroom learning to the real world; collaboration, communication, research, problem solving, critical thinking.
  3. Establishing relevance and gaining 21st-century skills; creativity and confidence.
  4. Yielding functional and thriving individuals in a highly technological world.
  5. Social and emotional growth from essential team work coaching.