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By the end of summer, students perform, on average, one month behind where they left off in the spring. We bridge the Summer vacation lull in a fun and educational manner. People discover their abilities, values, passions, and responsibilities in situations that offer adventure and the unexpected. We have developed week-long and 4-5week Camps, from which scholars (aged 6-9, 9-12 and 12-16 years old) can become innovators:

“How to learn”; this is the most important skill they will take with them.

Expeditions are implemented across the camps, topics are compelling and are guided by creating high-level questions that connect the in-depth investigation.

Join us in these fun themes  that are firing us up this summer :


The sky’s the limit for those who enjoy putting things in motion, like rockets; or do you care more about promoting health, happiness and safety? If you can imagine it, it can most likely be built!

Explore our activity filled STEM camp and learn skills that will shape the future when you design and test products. Like Engineers, you will bring ideas to life; in our new and exciting Camp, taught by UBC field experts who will seed the skills of creativity and imagination with analytical skills.

Students will be engaged through design-based projects that will deepen their understanding of fundamental concepts through integrating the knowledge of math and science to create new technologies using the engineering design process.

Topics covered will include; The Solar System, Space travel, life science, environmental and public health, sports, popular culture, energy, making farms more efficient, harnessing the power of electricity designing machines that test these innovations, and learning fundamental programming skills.

Students will connect to everyday STEM applications and experiences.

Register here:

  1. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-explore-ages-6-9-1-15-pm-macneill/8458
  2. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-explore-ages-6-9-10-50-am-macneill/8457
  3. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-explore-ages-6-9-10-50-am-byng/8459




An asteroid is on course to impact the Earth and we must shelter the people from an uninhabitable Earth.

In our new and exciting STEM camp, student teams are presented with the challenge to design shelter for people for one year. Motivated by this fictitious crisis, teams act as engineers following the steps of the engineering design process; they begin by defining the problem, research, the technical, financial and social criteria for a successful solution design.

Concluding the challenge, students create unique models of their designs, examining how their structures survived the asteroid impact, students make improvements and impact test again, experiencing design iteration.

Teams will give class presentations to show the sustained damage, explain their intended improvements. They prepare and deliver final presentations to the class to explain and defend their final recommendations during the STEM FAIR.

This STEM camp also includes an all-day field trip to UBC on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

  1. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-asteroid-survival-ages-12-16-10-40-am-mcnair/8810
  2. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-asteroid-survival-ages-12-16-1-10-pm-mcnair/8811


21st Century Digital Architects Ages 12-16

Are you a humanitarian at heart? The development of assistive devices, such as smart prosthetics, is focused on the humanitarian side of engineering. Wearable technology such as iPhone watches have the potential to impact all areas of our lives.

In this new and exciting STEM camp, students will work as software engineers, they will identify the problem, develop solutions, select and implement a possible solution, test their solution and redesign as needed to meet the requirements.

Other activities will investigate problems related to space travel, simulation of the remote control of a rover that will lead to a design process to create Android apps.

Students will gain experience with the software/system design process, programming design and programming skills through a hands-on experience.

To conclude, students will present their 21st century contribution during the STEM FAIR.

This STEM camp also includes an all-day field trip to UBC on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

  1. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-digital-architects-ages-12-16-10-40-am-mcnair/8808
  2. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-digital-architects-ages-12-16-1-10pm-mcnair/8809


Nature Detectives AGES 9-12

Plants and animals are nature’s engineers! Have you ever built a fort using pillows or tree branches or scrap cardboard? What example from nature resembled your fort? Was it like a bird’s nest or a bats cave or something else entirely?

An excellent way to develop new and innovative ideas is to look to the natural world plants, animals and other organisms to inspire new designs, new forms and new technologies. Design inspiration from the natural world or biomimicry involves careful observation of nature becoming a nature detective.

In this new and adventurous STEM camp, learn how this skill can lead to new innovations and products that may have never before existed. This activity filled camp is full of challenges for students to think like scientists as they generate reports on endangered species and give presentations worthy of a news channel or radio broadcast.

You will design ways to help the endangered species and use this information to come up with ideas for products that can help save species. Students will have an opportunity to reverse engineer and gather design ideas for new products. Designing shelters that are inspired and informed by animal structures will also be included for students to present in the STEM FAIR, after learning more from distinguished field speakers and the field trip. The possibilities are endless!

This STEM camp also includes an all-day field trip to UBC on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

  1. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-nature-detectives-ages9-12-10-50-am-macneill/8461
  2. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-nature-detectives-ages9-12-1-15-pm-macneill/8460



Do you like to discover, to pioneer and bring humankind into the future? Would you like be an Astronaut, Cosmonaut, Taikonaut, or even a Space Engineer? Come and learn from our experts about current and futuristic ideas that engineers are designing to propel space research. Can we ever live on the moon?

In our new STEM Space Voyages, students will be introduced to the futuristic concept of the moon as a place people can inhabit. Students use the engineering design process as they imagine, design, create and test models to enable us to inhabit Earth’s only natural satellite!

In this activity filled and hands-on camp, students learn about space travel, design tools, equipment and spacecraft to go where it is too far and too dangerous for humans. They learn the steps of the design process as they create their own models (including rockets) for what people would need to live on the moon.

This STEM camp also includes an all-day field trip to UBC on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

  1. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-space-mooncolony-ages-9-12-1-15pm-macneill/8464
  2. https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/rmdcontinuingeducation/Activity_Search/stem-space-mooncolony-ages-9-12-10-50am-macneill/8462


Math and Science knowledge is demonstrated through a hands-on Engineering approach to create new world relevant technologies.  (Also, digital technologies such as video games or apps)

This involves a full activities-based learning approach, led by field experts. (Engineers, Technologists, Arts experts for instance)

Field trips are incorporated to directly show real world application.

High impact presentations from distinguished subject area speakers, provide access to: high calibre individuals they would not easily be exposed to, or forming networks and the opportunity to ask an expert a question. This inspires students to become leaders in their own making (Entrepreneurship), provide exposure to mentors, information about career progression and current information on research in the subject area.

Students show case their inventions and creations and translate in their own way what they understand about the concept. This prepares them to get involved in global competitions which may lead to scholarships and a world stage to show case their own skills. This may also be done as teams to improve emotional development. The work for this begins at the start of the program, students are regularly asked to report on the progress of these projects. An effort-based reward may be given at this event which assesses scientific thought, original creativity, display skills (a well constructed exhibit, dramatic value) and the enthusiasm expressed in the project.

Browse some of our most popular camps, we add NEW CAMPS annually, detailed information for these is available through our partners, (see Our Community).

1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Camp – In the News

2. eSTEM (Environmental STEM) camp

3. CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Camp – In the News

4. Our approach to STEAM is:


Product design, social studies, history, and communication are just some of the Arts that provide a foundation to STEM (perceived as thorny).

Arts can make STEM more palatable and indeed more fun through the creative role. Applying Art to STEM, results in an inventive application to STEM concepts, conversely applying STEM to Arts approach, brings a reflective meaning to the Art.

5. Our STREAM Camps utilize robotics as a teaching aid of the STEAM camps.

STEAM + Robotics = STREAM

6. Our other STEM based camps include: Applied STEM

  • STM (Science technology and medicine)
  • STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Medicine)
  • GEMS (Girls in engineering, math and science)
  • BEMS (Boys in Engineering, math and Science)
  • STREM (robotics as a field to STEM Camp)

More up-to-date details about the camps are to be found on our partner websites (links available in Our Community” and “Blogs”).

Our feedback and reporting process ensures a thorough QA of our service and a proven success rate of student’s grades improving in the following school year


Using Engineering to create 21st century technologies


Empowering girls with engineering skills


Empowering boys with engineering skills