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STEM ACES will be hosting virtual programs for equitable access to all with your

favourite instructors from the comfort of your home.

We will provide a “Real Life” curricula, as we do in our in-class instruction “business as usual” approach.


Nurture creative, inventive minds through a journey of discovery of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Maths (STEAM).

Our University STEM experts excite and engage students’ abilities to create innovative solutions to challenges in any subject!

Our New and exciting “Learn from Home” SMARTS programs for 7-17year old’s is filled with engaging, days of learning and hands-on creativity that will transform your natural curiosity and provide a safe space for experimentation and learning.

Modelling Technologies that are relevant to the 21st century using Engineering Design the SMARTS program offers creative exploration, programming, informative content that is in sync with the national curriculum.

Students will be able to design, build and test models, and make suggestions for improvements based on observation.

We will challenge and support your children’s learning as they design and create objects to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

They will gain global awareness in the design process and an understanding of how our decisions can impact global change.

Our goal is to teach students how to learn any new content, how to be agile in an ever changing world and to ASK and formulate logic in what they learn.