Our Programs

At STEM ACES Education we develop curricula that meet or exceed the academic learning outcomes of the Province of British Columbia. The ultimate objective of implementing our STEM curricula is a multifaceted education of a concept (sometimes very difficult ones).

All the learning and teaching that takes place is a unique side-by-side work team effort between teachers (in their management of students), field experts (implementing our curricula), students (applying the knowledge) and the Outreach STEM-based community opening their doors to the students as mentors etc.

Tracking the impact of our services with the support of our community is essential to our program development.

ACES: How do we ACE STEM Education? – In the News

If a career in STEM is fit for you or your child and you are wondering what the requirements are for university and college programs in this area and what the career possibilities might be? Read on about our ACES program:

Academic Partnerships

Successful integration of science and mathematics depends largely on teachers’ understanding of the subject matter. Our field experts are highly qualified, PhD and Masters grads, this means they are readily equipped to freely explore diverse topics particularly in inquiry-based systems, which encourage interpretation and not just fact consumption of subject matter.

We offer quality STEM professional development to teachers/staff to ensure delivery of a successful STEM program in the following ways;

  1.  We work with teachers during school time; we implement our “STEM It Up” technique developed by university exerts for them to learn from, materials are available upon request after lessons with our support team.
  2. We work with school teachers in “after school” or “summer school” programs implementing our “STEM It Up” and/or “Themed STEM” techniques.
  3. We arrange Pro-D workshops to empower teachers with integrated STEM approaches and curricula. We provide materials to fulfill BC curricula in our “STEM It Up” technique.
  4. We have a two-week summer Pro-D program to help middle high school science and math teachers implement engineering lessons. Working together on the same engineering challenge can help science and math teachers practice working together on STEM challenges

We continuously upgrade our literature; as members of renowned STEM societies; we attend conferences throughout the year to keep us abreast of information that will keep you on the forefront of current methods.

College Admissions advice and mentorship (collaborating with university and college departments we provide information to parents and students about prospects in STEM and STEM related disciplines such as STEAM and STREAM), in collaboration with local libraries.

(Exam preparation in STEM related disciplines with our experienced Educators); Research shows that even students with thorough subject knowledge may receive a grade below their potential. Our instructors will help you gain confidence through a studying strategy that combines knowledge, pattern recognition, problem solving skills and efficient time management so that you can ACE your exams! One-on-one sessions are available upon request. In collaboration with the local libraries.

(STEM activities and events, including our flagship Enrichment STEM CAMPS for Ages 8-12 and 13-18). We love to get excited about STEM based projects, this is a suitable place to gather ideas for your next science fair project by joining us for an unforgettable learning experience! Students can watch and be involved in mind blowing demonstrations led by our instructors in local libraries (STEM Club) and in “Our Camps”.

Our STEM materials for all our programs are accessible to our community at discounted rates.