Our Team

We are educational leaders who foster a culture of inspiration, discovery, and innovation.

We create learning situations that provide something important to think about. – In the News

We are a team (currently 25) of Grad students, post docs, research associates, teachers, and lecturers from BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology), SFU (Simon Fraser University) and UBC (University of British Columbia).

We provide premium expertise in student handling, subject knowledge, and teaching students (Inquiry based Learning and Project Based Learning).

We all possess Canadian approved Police Vulnerability Checks that allow us to work with scholars from K-12.

We mostly operate as a “white label” corporation, partnering with educational institutions to implement our Integrated STEM based curricula (See ACES).

Some of our team

Dr. Love-Ese Chile:
STEM Ambassador

Expert and author of “Synthesis and rheology of poly(lactide)s and their bio-composite materials. Ese is a founding member in promoting sustainable chemistry practices within the UBC Chemistry department.

Amon Ge:
STEM Ambassador

A Computer Science UBC M.Sc. Grad, UBC Acappella Musical Director, leading a group of 24 singers. Amon directed a total Vocal group at Carnegie Hall, New York. His instruction expertise at the camps includes teaching programming, web design, and flash animation to campers.


Ali Hosseinpour:
STEM Ambassador

An outstanding UBC MASc Grad Student, Materials Engineering and Winner of Faculty of Applied Science Graduate Award, Teaching Assistant.

Dr. Olivia New:
Chief Academic Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Olivia New’s STEM experience as, a Research and Development Professional in industry and academic settings and a University Lecturer (instructing, course design, writing, marking, and grading undergraduate Chemistry courses exams) inspired the concept and development of STEM ACES Education Inc. particularly some of the effective teaching methods we employ.

Louis-Philippe Rivest Giguere:
Camp Director

A UBC Applied Animal Biology Grad, Louis communicates in French, English, conversational Japanese and elementary Mandarin. He enjoys Game Development, Technology, Video Content Creation Concept Art and Design, Cyber Security, Biotechnology, Cooking, Tennis, Swimming, Scuba diving, Piano, Reading and Travelling. His skills are vast and include academic instruction, volunteering and directorship and community stewardship.

Sabrina L. Cornish Shartau:
STEM Ambassador

A field expert in Environmental Microbiology and Cellular Molecular and Microbial Biology, and author of two theses entitled “Effect of Nitrate Injection on Microbial Community Composition in Oil Fields” and “The Effect of Soil Type on Antimicrobial Production in Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) and Diffuse Knapweed (Centaurea diffusa)”.  Sabrina is an Assistant Instructor, Lab Technician, and Lab Helper at BCIT involved in instructing, grading laboratory sessions, and looking after general laboratory maintenance in the department of Biotechnology. Other roles performed include working for the department of Clinical Genetics and presenting Continuing Education programs on biotechnology careers to high school students.

Maryam Shirmohammad:
STEM Ambassador

Currently working on a PhD., in Medical Physics at UBC, Maryam has 7+ years of research experience in medical imaging and image processing; Other skills include an extensive knowledge of MCAT physics topics, instructing and teaching physics and physics exam preparation from school level to university level.

At the very heart of our technique is collaboratively working with a network of experts from educational institutions such as School Boards, Science based foundations, Local Libraries, Universities, Colleges, industry, and students at various levels. (Our Community).